Pushing the DAO frontier together: The Global Governance Gathering in Amsterdam (April 18th & 19th)

Fellow DAOists and DAOplomats,

The first edition of the Global Governance Gathering - or GGG 22 - is approaching fast. This two-day event will bring together leading DAOists to share experiences, deepen connections, and set a shared agenda for the DAO space.

GGG 22 will take place on Monday, April 18th, and Tuesday, April 19th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, right at the start of the DevConnect week organized by the Ethereum Foundation.

Due to limited space, The DAOist will curate attendees for GGG 22 - you can apply to attend 1 or both days here.  The first distribution round of tickets will take place on March 25th, so keep a close eye on your email, DAOist!

Tobacco Theater, a historic and inspiring location at the heart of Amsterdam, will be the stage for the first of its kind DAO meta coordination gathering.

Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam
Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam

The Program

The GGG 22 is split up into two days that feel very different: Each with its own purpose and character.

DAO Operatives Playground: ‍April 18th - Monday - To manifest intentional coordination between DAOs and is tailored to seasoned DAOplomats.

Individuals who actively steward DAOs and the space between them will be selected from the applicants. This group of curated attendees will be provided with the comfort of getting to know each other and creating together. DAOs can use this first day to expand their network and knowledge and deepen relationships.

We’ll return to the venue for a special evening gathering during the first night - with live music, explorative DAO games, high-tea session, and more. There will be plenty of unexpected sensorial experiences to expand your governance imagination!

April 19th - Tuesday

GGG22 will open up to the broader DAOist community on the second day. Expand the attendee count by almost 100% and facilitate more capacity and room for Talks, Discussion Panels, Workshops, Art exhibitions, Chill zones, Working areas, Food & Beverages.

How to get involved

When manifesting a purposeful event such as the GGG, trade-offs are made between quantity and quality, which leads to the GGG tickets being highly limited and only available to those that genuinely need to be there. As the DAOist saying goes: “The price of admission is desire.”

Participate as a DAO

  • Apply to participate in GGG by filling in the application form. If selected, your DAO will receive two tickets to the Global Governance Gathering.
  • Partner with The DAOist by becoming a Sponsor for GGG. Due to high demand, there are only a limited amount of SisterDAO packages available. More information can be found here.
  • Align yourself with the DAOist for the long term: Become a Ministry to The DAOist to benefit from a long list of The DAOist perks. This includes priority access to the Lisbon Metahub, DAOist events, and Governance power in Dawn, the governing DAO of The DAOist.

Participate as an Individual

  • Apply to attend or speak at the GGG by filling in the application form. If selected, you will receive a ticket to one or multiple days of GGG 22.

To be a DAOist is a lifestyle - to cherish process over product and flow over control.

DAOs hold great potential to redefine value flows and the strategies of success for decades to come. But DAOs are still an arcane topic.

At The DAOist, we are aware that the transformation is more than just technical and organisational. DAOs are driving an actual lifestyle change - a lifestyle characterised by purpose, ownership, collaboration, and openness.

If we get our way, anyone can flourish by harnessing their inner talent and contributing to the greater good. The DAOist and the GGG act as a connective that supports the cultural revolution needed to enable a world of DAOists. See you in Amsterdam, DAOist!

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