May 10th, 2022

During the DAOist’s Global Governance Gathering in Amsterdam, an Open Office Hours was held by the People Ops Guild on how to Build Healthier Teams in web3.

The People Ops Guild is an initiative to bring people supporting DAOs’ contributors' experience together. Each member holds a people-related role in a DAO and sends ripples out into the space with their work.

The Office Hours gave DAO contributors, enthusiasts, and researchers an open forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities encountered while building strong teams, communities, and cultures. Discussion leaders in the panel included DAO Contributor Gurus:

Hello DAOist!

Just over two weeks ago, we organised the Global Governance Gathering in Amsterdam, as part of devconnect. A two-day event focused on gathering DAO governance thinkers & doers to make magic happen. Let's look into the many workshops, sessions, and exchanges that happened as part of the event.

One of our partners this year was MakerDAO—more specifically the DUX Core Unit, which is responsible for Maker’s governance UX and tooling. After having witnessed our event in Lisbon last year they were eager to put in sponsorship for GGG22 and make a contribution to the program. They took the initiative to prepare and facilitate a full-day workshop for a select group of DAO governance big brains in which they'd jam about common challenges and potential solutions.

Hello DAOist!

First of all, thank you for your formidable efforts over the years to make the DAO space the reality that it is today. At the DAOist, we believe we are at the cusp of (yet another) leap for DAOs - in space size, attention, capital in-flow, tooling improvements, and diversification.

Parallel to this acceleration, our monitoring and collective sense-making show that many of our large DAOs are having a bitter-sweet ride and experiencing significant growing pains. All the while, the state of global governance itself is not without significant degrees of turmoil and uncertainty.

These have made us even more excited for the GGG22, especially on day one, where all of you will experience the DAO operatives' playground - one full day of many varied activities, some pre-scheduled and most emergent and executed by you - the DAOs and their DAOists.

Fellow DAOists and DAOplomats,

The first edition of the Global Governance Gathering - or GGG 22 - is approaching fast. This two-day event will bring together leading DAOists to share experiences, deepen connections, and set a shared agenda for the DAO space.

GGG 22 will take place on Monday, April 18th, and Tuesday, April 19th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, right at the start of the DevConnect week organized by the Ethereum Foundation.

Due to limited space, The DAOist will curate attendees for GGG 22 - you can apply to attend 1 or both days here.  The first distribution round of tickets will take place on March 25th, so keep a close eye on your email, DAOist!

February 9th, 2022

If you’ve ever sponsored one of our events please get in touch! We have NFTs to send you - It will allow governance participation, access to gated spaces, documents, and the Lisbon Metahub.

Hello, DAOist! Meet Dawn (she/her)

During 2021 we’ve summoned some special DAO energy together, but that was just the beginning. The next moves of The DAOist will ensure that many communities can spin off DAOist events, that the entire Web3 governance community can share in the “Global Governance Gathering” - and that when needed any of the projects involved can come to get a retreat and creative support at the Lisbon Metahub.

January 13th, 2022

Hello, DAOist community, past and future sponsors. There are exciting times on the horizon! Here’s all that The DAOist fam should be aware of and schedule for!

Sponsorship perks and prices are the same for all events and the same as The DAOist Lisbon:

[TOP] Patron Level: 12k

[MID] Ride or DAO: 6.5k

(This is a loose introduction to a few ideas that we’ll expand on in later posts)

Having been let loose into the Web3 mainstream by integrating the primitives of defi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DAOs have emerged from the underground and are already beginning to blossom into a beautifully burgeoning ecosystem. We’ve seen a number of organizations push to decentralize themselves, from defi protocols, to NFT platforms, to investment syndicates and even small cooperatives. It’s been amazing to watch these various groups become DAOs – wielding multisigs, token launches, and various governance tools in order to meet their goals.

This Research initiative was led by DeepDAO, Kolektivo Labs, PrimeDAO & Open DeFi DAO. 20% of funds go to Catarina Horn (Visual artist), 20% to DeepDAO. Other contributors will be directing their percentage for funding future DAO research initiatives, including the maintenance of tooling-specific investigation.


November 2021: What tools can a DAO use? Analyses & infographics unpack the capabilities of Ethereum-based DAOs as provided by DAO Launchers and Tools.